Stroppy People Playing Poker


Cabbages Playing Poker

 Nothing worst than playing poker with know alls and misery guts. People who read a couple of books about poker and now know everything about poker and how to play it. The absolute showers are those who are miserable and moaning with the sanctimonious twaddle shooting out of their gobs.

They hate poker if truth be told because they cannot see the big picture!They want everyone to play by their rules and whoa betide anyone with an alternate way of playing. These ‘cabbages’ like to give a running commentaries about the state of play. Always unwanted and never incisive.

Cabbages will shout out the odds that a player was getting for a hand, but, they will never work out the pot odds, because it was too much like hard work. 

You see these cabbages will know the price off everything but the value of nothing. It is always about them in effect. They always pla the better game, have the greatest insight and if they lose it was only due to bad luck and not bad judgement on their part.

A recent tale sums up poker cabbages perfectly. In a recent cash game, a rookie player made some moves and lost some showdowns. All the cabbages had views and opinions about the standard of play by the rookie player and all of the comments were uncomplimentary.

The big winner on the night was a player who was very drunk and was in the mood to bet like a lunatic. Obviously this was the man to target and players target him the players did.

In one hand the drunk raised while blind. He managed to get 4 callers including 2 cabbages. After the flop he again raised without looking at his cards. Two folded and two didn’t.  The two that didn’t were the two most vociferous cabbages. Turn came, drunk raised and got called. On the river drunk raised got called and the showdown came. Our two ‘heros’, the master tacticians had nothing one even called with 6, 7 suited. the othe had an raggedity ace. The drunk managed to get a pair of threes and won!

Almost to a man the cabbages slated the poor decisions and play of the drunk, but who played the worst, the drunk who wanted to bet silly or the cabbages who stayed with him?