Anonymous Online Poker Is Fair

Anonymous Online Poker Player

Anonymous Online Poker Player

Why is the concept of anonymous poker players still a controversial topic, I don’t know? Well I do if you are a user of poker tracking software etc, as it takes away a piece of information that you can use to beat other players and take away their money. Using these types of software is tantamount to using a video playback machine in which you use against players at your live table. Not exactly kosher!

Obviously if online poker is your living, then using as much tools to aid your job is fair and just. However, if you are a ‘ordinary Joe’ who likes to switch on the lap top and mess about in a SnG for a while it takes on a whole new situation and clearly is not a level playing fields. 

The immediate response is that these trackers are open to all who wish to pay and use them and it is a very fair point. My response to this is that the poker sites should either make them part of the poker site or ban them completely, because not all online poker players are into graphs and charts. Some just want to play for fun and trackers are not used for fun. Hence the rise of anonymous poker tables.

Anonymous poker tables are completely devoid of personality thereby making it completely a level playing field as trackers and bots have no way of knowing who the opponent is. It is therefore down to the player to assess the various game play. 

Anonymous tables debate have had fits of fierce debates because some people feel they are open to collusion and cheating as you cannot see the players ID. This is a fair point especially at cash tables and SnG tables. This is why the regulation of these tables need to be beefed up to make sure that cheating is not happening. All innovations have problems and the anonymous tables problem with collusion will be one that can and should be over come.

Apart from the prospect of cheating, anonymous tables is good for the online poker business.