Is Too Much Weed Not Good For Playing Poker?

Cannabis Plants

Cannabis Plants

Smoking weed while playing online poker is de rigueur as it apparently makes the smokers play more focused and lucid! Well this is what was said to me when a friend offered me a large spliff the other day. 

I must admit it did seem to help him play, except that the paranoia became vibrant and quite scary. Paranoid gamblers are not the most reasonable people to be around. They blame everything on supposed evil doers, things, vibes etc. The more they smoke the more dopey they become. Dopey poker players are like drunk poker players – easy to turn over, although they may have a lucky streak every now and then.

At least having a puff is not cocaine I hear you say, and, you would be right as coke heads cannot play poker it is as simple as that. Online or live coke enhances the wrong side of a poker players personality, their ego! An egotistical poker player become loose aggressive and easy to take down they are worst than drunks especially when they win. I love it when I see a poker player going into the toilet to ‘powder their nose’.

Smoking a bud of marijuana is not in the same league as cocaine when messing up your game, however, being sensible is the watch word and whatever you do make sure you do not smoke too much or give away that you’ve been at the herbs, because if you do me and others will be hunting you down like a greyhound after a injured 3 legged hare.

Reefer Madness

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