Mad Men For Mad People

Mad Men

Well that massively over rated TV program Mad Men got the astoundingly small viewing figures of 47,000 for an episode! Which just goes to prove that no matter what the ‘elites’ of our culture think, they cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

I watched it once and I could not believe the rubbish that was being hyped as an important moment in our collective cultural experience. The program was total poo and had no reason why it had the publicity that it has. On paper we at should be fans of this nonsense, as it features all the subjects we like, women, smoking, drinking, cash, but clearly no one here has every taken any interest in this so-called wonder of the television age. 

Why we are being fed this clap trap is simple to understand. The elites are on a regressive trip at the moment and are looking for the masses to follow suit. The only problem the masses have other ideas and Mad Men do not fit the paradigm that we are being fed. Basically we have moved on!

It was like Desperate Housewives, a program which clearly had more effect on the cultural lifestyle than it did on entertainment. The masses was fooled big time about Desperate Housewives and are not going to be fooled again by another ‘style over content’ program such as Mad Men. 

It gives me great pride that the UK audience have sent this trash to the bin of cultural insignificance and instead have stuck to football, Jeremy Kyle and Shameless. If you’re going to have retro drama make sur that it is good and not an attempt to make old fashioned ideas seem interesting and cool as there are a reason why old fashioned ideas are old fashioned and no longer wanted.