A Weekend Of Strange Things

Neil Heywood

Neil Heywood

The big news from the East is the story of the businessman Neil Heywood dying and the arrest of Gu Kailai wife of  Bo Xilai, a major player in the politics of China, for possible murder! It is proposed that Mr Heywood was killed by cyanide poison and that there was an attempt to hush up the death and get rid of the evidence. The fact that it is now public knowledge apparently a sign that there is a major political struggle going on inside the Communist Party and Neil Heywood was a pawn in this battle. As a Chinese proverb state ‘….we live in interesting times….’!

The Grand National was its usual dramatic event with no very public disruption by animal rights campaigners, but enough images to keep the argument going for  a long time. The death of Synchronised the recent Cheltenham Gold Cup winner is the most  poignant scene that accompanied the race. Can the race be made any safer to protect the horses? I doubt it very much without changing the horse race completely or even ending the race.

On the tipping front it was clear that a draw in the tipping challenge between Satanic Bear v Villan v The Magical Tipster over the Grand National race. MT came closest to wining when Planet Of Sound finished 12th. Apart from that, it was a complete washout, although The Magical Tipster managed to pick out a treble (Simonsig 4/9, Sprinter Sacre 1/7 and The New One 8/1) to follow up on his four timer the previous day. 

Mean while I am in the middle of a debate on if you could hustle a guy by chucking away the absolute nuts so that you could sucker a player to make the wrong decision? Basically to win a big prize during a game of brag, a hypothetical player threw away 3 threes’ to gain a advantage so that he could win big. In my view this would not make any sense in any situation and I cannot see why my friend keeps on banging on about it.  No one in their right mind would throw away absolute premium hands to gain favour or tactical advantage. It makes no sense what so ever. 

Obviously we had a cash game straight after this conversation and I won his money. Nuf Sed…!

Finally, to go back to the world of politics Mitt Romney is the challenger to Barack Obama, although I have had a little tickle on Sarah Palin doing a dramatic gesture and decide to go for the position of nominee if Mitt Romney does not get the required number. It is a suicide long shot, but there is hope when Roger Ailes from the Fox News/GOP politbureau slagged off Sarah Palin as not being in any position to be President. Sarah Palin is not going to like this and I can see fireworks exploding. I do hope Sarah Palin justifies my 700/1+ punt.