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Andy Murray and Roger Federer

Andy Murray and Roger Federer

At Wimbledon July 8th Andy Murray the Scottish tennis player takes on Roger Federer the champion from Switzerland. Murray is looking to be the first Wimbledon champion from Great Britain in over 70 years. He is therefore British unless he loses he will revert back to being Scottish!

The reason for this dichotomy is that Andy Murray said he did not want England to win a football match and this has stuck to him ever since leading to some English nationalist supporting anyone but Murray.

However putting petty nationalism aside this is going to be tough for Roger Federer because all those partisan supporters in Great Britain and the British establishment will want a Andy Murray victory because of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic year. Virginia Wade did it for the Silver Jubilee and Andy Murray may well do it for the Royal family.

The Magical Tipster is eyeing it up and believes that Federer is massive at 1/2, but, he has been wrong before!