Empty Stadiums Is Good

Empty Stands At The London Olympics 2012

Empty Stands At The London Olympics 2012

So far the omnishambles predicted for the London Olympics has only produced ‘Romney Shambles’ after Republican presumptive nominee Mitt Romney gave the nation a rally point to coalesce around the concept of the Olympic games. When he basically said that he thought The Olympics in London looked dodgy hoping to re-affirm his own image as a brilliant organiser his patronising manner was all that was needed to get the vast majority of the nation behind the organisers and there attempt to put a smile on the nation ‘s face.

Clearly Mitt Romney knows how to earn a bob or two but he does not have leadership qualities that endear him to large groups of people. Basically he is a boring automaton who knows the price of fish but cannot grasp the concept of the little people having dreams. He may see the bottom line but not the vision of hope. You would not follow him into the battle with a song in your heart, because you would know that he has already calculated the figures and you would be disposable.

So after the opening ceremony completely shot his fox and poo pooed his claim that only he could organise an Olympics we now have to deal with empty stadiums. To be perfectly honest I am pleased it is empty stadiums that’s the problem as it means there is no terrorist act, crime wave or mass poisoning drama to worry about.

The empty seats is the problem for LOCOG – The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games – and they will have to sort it out. Even if it means giving away free tickets to people, LOCOG will have to make the stadiums full. So far this is great and this is the last we will hear from Mitt The Twit.