Boris Johnson As A Poker Player

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Napoleon Bonaparte once said that it is better to be a lucky general than a good general. Just as many poker players will attest to that view as the amount of times you sucker an individual to go all in when you have a pair of Aces and your opponent has the Big Slick (Ace King) and you lose to a straight.

In this scenario it is to be said that if you drew the analogy of Boris Johnson as a poker player he would definitely be a mediocre tactician who is very lucky. He is lucky in the sense that he lives in a time where ant-politicians or perceived weird politicians are very popular. With his badly cut and unruly hair, bumbling jackass persona and the unlikely sex god image he cuts a unforgettable personality.

Women do like a dabble with a person who make them laugh, and, ‘BoJo’ as Boris Johnson is sometimes known certainly can charm the knickers of women with his mixture of chaotic dress code and olde worlde English academic language. Politically he is in the pocket of rich interest groups and he is ambitiously looking to take over the Conservative party once David Cameron leaves, which increasingly looks very soon.

BoJo’s luck in his opponents is one of the reason why he seems to be on the rise. First he beat Ken Livingston twice, once because London were bored with Labour and secondly when Ken Livingston was exposed  as a tax avoider. Now he is faced with David Cameron who comes from the same background as Boris Johnson, but cannot cover his ‘out of touch-ness’ as good as Boris Johnson. David Cameron comes across as a ‘arrogant posh boy’ – as described by his own supporter Nadine Dorries which has struck with the British public.  Boris Johnson is also arrogant and very posh, but he manages to cover it up by being a classically educated clown and we Britain’s do like a clever person who can laugh at themselves.

So with another flawed opponent in David Cameron, Boris Johnson will make his ‘big slick’ beat David Cameron’s pocket pairs to depose the present leader and take over as Tory leader and therefore potential Prime Minister. Boris Johnson has even taken media mogul Rupert Murdoch back into the fold when he invited a multi-billionaire to the Olympic Games even though Rupert Murdoch is persona non grata after the phone hacking scandal. This shows the confidence of Boris Johnson and his ability to court the big support as Rupert Murdoch prides himself on being able to alter government policy by being able to use his media interest to create a vibe or narrative with the buyers of his products. Rupert Murdoch once got his newspaper The Sun to brag about how they won the 1992 election for the tories.

When Boris Johnson does make his move it will be messy but there seems to be a load of goodwill from backbench MP’s for his bid. With the luck that BoJo has you would be a brave man to put serious money against him getting the job as Tory leader.