Crying On Mount Olympus

David Rudisha

David Rudisha

Hate to say this but your’s truly has been a failure. In the period of this Olympics we should have organised a massive poker freeroll to celebrate the wonderful games which we are in the middle of. However, this has not been successful and therefore I am admitting defeat and wish to say sorry to the many fans who were looking forward to a game online.

In the meantime lets enjoy the rest of the games before we have to go back to the drudge of austerity and the lead up to the inevitable revolution once people realise that the austerity is there to help the bankers keep the flash yacht and penthouse they could have lost if we never mortgage the next two generation’s tax receipts to bail out the banks.

Yesterday we witness the breaking of the world record by David Rudisha in the 800m. He was overshadowed by the brilliance of Usain Bolt who became a legend by winning the 200m to complete the double double winning both events twice. Once again sorry to disappoint all those who were looking forward to the online poker freeroll.

David Rudisha New 800m World Record Olympics London 2012

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