Some Bots Are Shameless

A Bot

A Bot

Some bot users are shameless I should say as they are the masters to run these things. Quite literally the other day I was in a online poker game and this bot took exactly 4.5 seconds to make a decision. Even a decision that should have been instantaneous. it was so determined to follw the user instructions that calling 450 chips from a all in guy while it was massive chip leader took 4.5 seconds?

Now everyone knows that I am against the use of bots in online poker and quite clearly you could say that I am showing some bitterness in my expose and probably you would be right. However, the rules and conditions of this particular poker site said that no bots should use it’s software. I like to take people at their word but this particular website is tolerating this blatant use of robots.

That is why it is imperative that the US come on board with online poker, because one great thing they would have is regulations in place that would stop the use of unfair technology in online poker. Yes the US is always banging on about regulation but if it weren’t for their regulation we would not have known about the LIBOR scandal in which banks led by Barclays Bank were fixing the interest rates! Amazingly no is going to prison for this crime of fraud but the fact that US question made this open is to be commended.

We need standardization in online poker. It is clear that some companies use bots or tolerate the use of bot to make sure tables are full and money can be scalped from the players. But it is not fair for the casual player to be stitched up like this and with the US on board the anti online poker people – who tend to be very conservative will argue for the strictest rules possible.

This would not be a bad thing to have strict rules, and as America tend to set the agenda on most things and this would help stop dodgy poker site