Is Democracy Dead?

Ann Romney

Basically the Republicans are saying vote for Romney but we are not going to do anything which is not similar to President Obama. Please don’t ask what we are going to do as we cannot tell you as our opponents will use it against us. However, Mitt Romney is a nice chap so you can trust him. And…,that’s it!

Is this really how democracy supposed to work? The Ron Paul supporters have walked out because they are not allowed to say what they want. What were they going to say that was so scary and radical? They wanted to say they support Ron Paul which the last time I heard was not some raving deranged socio-path.

He may have or had interesting ideas but he certainly didn’t want to start a war and really be hateful and damaging to the Republican cause. In fact previously he was so nice to Romney that he people thought he was running as a running mate to Mitt Romneyl! 

There are big big questions such as climate change, world hunger, the Greek/Euro economic crisis, Afghanistan, Syria etc etc, and, the answer is from the Republicans is, Mitt Romney is a nice guy???!!! 

Wow this is truly scary. At the moment Mitt Romney has 42 – 46% of the electorate. He could get elected on a ticket that Mitt Romney is a nice guy? Don’t ask him any policy as he will more or less do the same as Obama. The Republicans are saying ”….We will only change on some subjects such as ”we may not believe in climate change although we may change our mind late on….” Ok they are not direct quotes but you get my drift. It is scary that these are the answers that people are happy to voting on.