Full Tilt Affiliate’s Get Stuffed!

Full Tilt Poker Affiliates

As you may know, life is very difficult at the moment. The economy is nearly anaemic, jobs are hard to come by, business is struggling and some are failing and going bankrupt. So when you here of a take over of a very successful company and the bills are not going to be honoured then you do have to feel for those who are losing out.

This situation applies to the affiliates who worked (and ‘worked’ is the right word to use) for Full Tilt Poker. Apparently Poker Stars are not going to honour the affiliates that worked for Full Tilt when the FBI closed them down and therefore Poker Stars are going to stiff those who worked damn hard for the company.

Obviously this makes sense to Poker Stars – why give the workers any recompense for their time and effort? The people who own PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker are called, without irony, called The Rational Group. They believe that it is OK to tell the previous affiliates to suck up the loses and move on, but, they – The Rational Group, are drawing up a new affiliates program for 2013! Good luck with that one amigo….

So what do you do if you were an affiliate that is now completely out of pocket? Well not much really they are basically stuffed like a turkey waiting for Christmas. I think I am an affiliate with Full Tilt but never really jumped on board unless it was to play in the big tournaments they used to have, and certainly never really checked my account. I could be in line for a big fat zero or I could be in line for a nice wedge, I can’t be bothered to check. 

All I can be certain on is that we need the US government via the market and the people  to draw up some ‘best practices’ , an agreement of honour and some sensible contract law that helps the little guys get their just desserts when things go wrong with an online poker firm.