Why Some Men Hate Women

Birmingham City Council Building

Two stories in the last few days illustrate that some men in power have very negative tendencies towards women. 1 is the court case won by 170 former female employees (and 4 men) that it was wrong not to pay them the same rate of pay as men when both were in the same pay grade. 2 another person running to be Senator argues that a woman who was raped and made pregnant must continue to have the baby because it was god’s intention?

The fact that Birmingham City Council have fought for years to not pay women equal pay just shows that even when wrong, ideology can still drive people to do stupid things. The argument that it would cost a lot of money to settle the case is so wrong headed it almost disqualify those who work for the council. Have these people being paying attention for the last 40 years? You cannot discriminate between workers based on sex. We live in a world where gender equality is the norm not the exception. If it is going to cost money to rectify it then those in charge at the time of the policy must be censored. 

OK when I argued that Sir Fred Goodwin should not get the pay off for losing £24 billion pounds at RBS and ultimately cost the country £49 billion I knew that there would be a court case involved but in my view it needed to be had so that the ‘court of public opinion’ would come into play and force Sir Fred Goodwin to back down and accept that he should only get a state pension for his misdemeanour’s. 

In the case of the 170 women again the court of public opinion is totally behind these women and the council could never sustain their position for very long. Now all those women who suffered under this act of discrimination must get their just desserts and the council must seek them out to give them their back pay.


With Richard Mourdock’s breath taking statement that a pregnancy due to rape was maybe ‘gods intention’ therefore the foetus must not be aborted is another reason why many outside of the US feel the Americans are slowly going mad! How can a man with this sort of view be anywhere near any lever of power?

This follows on from Todd Akin – who actually sits on a committee which deals with science  – and his remarkable statement that there was ‘legitimate rape’. Legitimate rape would not lead to pregnancy because a woman’s body has a way of ”…shutting the whole thing down….”, therefore stopping the woman from getting pregnant! Again, I reiterate that this guy sits on a science committee in government.

Now if any woman support these guys they seriously need their heads testing. It would be like gays and Jews supporting Adolf Hitler or Zulu’s and Bantu’s supporting P.W Botha, possible by why would they? So now we can see that there is a long way to go before misogyny is eradicated and unless women stand up to these things it is very hard to stop this nonsense from happening again.