Darts And Poker Live


Pub games like darts and pool are getting mashed up with poker. It is simple why this need to mix two difficult games is sensible for pubs.

When you go tout for relief sometimes you need excitement so a quiet game of poker just wont do it, likewise a quiet game of pool or darts do not measure up so by combining the three or even just two helps to stimulate the pleasure part of the brain with intellectual and skilful thoughts. 

Why beach volleyball is an Olympic sport and darts is not has always baffled me. Both are skilful and fun to watch. To play darts at any standard requires skill. Yes the people can be drinking beer monsters and still throw decent darts could be an image problem. However, in his day when alive, a drunken Jocky Wilson could still have beaten 99 out of hundred average darts player who was stone cold sober, he was that good.

So with this in mind I will post the rules and regulations for the Knot Knockout:

This Sunday (18-11-12) at The Staffordshire Knot, Darlaston.

Entry fee will be £3, registration at 3pm and ToE oche 3:30pm.

It’s a 301 – best of 3.

Final 301 – best of 5.Those that cannot make it, there wil be a live broadcast at http://knot.pokerknave.com/tv/ (this cannot be viewed on Apple’s iphone or ipad).

There will be a Omaha tournament after the darts final and the entry will be £20 plus 1 rebuy. £2 for a buffet will also be charged. This will not be live on the Internet.