Einstein was wrong about the speed of light …Apparently!

Albert Einstein

Science always gives us an open chance to question on the existing theory. Nothing can be proved as an absolute solution. There are always chances to make questions on any theory. Einstein is the greatest scientist as we all know. And he has been indicated as the father of physics for his most awesome theories. But, these are not out of criticism. You have the open options to make question in this matters and theories. The speed of light has been the famous theory of Einstein. As we all have the open doors in the rooms of knowledge which allows us to ask and quest for more, the speed of light theory has faced a burning question and have proven wrong. Well, European scientists have made this revolutionary invention and proved the theory wrong.

The assumption made by the European scientists:

The European scientist has launched an experimental project on subatomic particles and they think that these are faster than the speed of light. But, according to the theory of Einstein this is kind of an impossible thing! So, debates have started to emerge in this matter. Researches took place on this field.

OPERA experiment:

An important and revolutionary research named OPERA has taken place in Italy and that particular research came out with an interesting result. The researchers observed teams of neutrinos from five hundred miles away from a CERN. And the result says that a bunch of 1500 neutrinos moved faster than the speed of light. So, the team of researchers became very cautious to the point that the theory of speed of light provided by Einstein has proven wrong.

Questions made on this research:

Einstein has been treated as the boss of physics. His theory used to be treated as bible verses in the field of science. So, even though there are options to question on ay theory, the scientists got stuck on the point thinking how this can be possible! So definitely, the research faced a million questions. But, to be true, it has really proven right and the speed of light has proven wrong. The measurement and calculation of the research were so accurate. The 1500 neutrinos passed the 730 km ways on the travel path within less than 10 nanoseconds and that is definitely faster than light. The searchers could overcome all the questions and thus really proved the great theory wrong!