Herman Cain as a poker player

Herman Cain

Herman Cain As A Poker Player

Herman Cain is a political figure, radio presenter and the former president and CEO of godfather pizza. Poker is a card game depends on your luck and your courage. Herman Cain may be a poker player but not a usual poker player like the regular player plays poker in a casino or other places. He took some plan for the people of America which was highly taken him as a poker player.

Biography of Herman: Herman Cain was born on 13 December 1945 in Memphis of United States. Presently he is 66 years old. Presently live in the city of McDonough of United States. He is from the political party of the republic. Gloria Cain is his wife having two children. He is a Baptist religion follower. He is a business executive, radio host, columnist and presenting a political figure of the United States.

Personal life: he was born in a poor family and raised up there. His mother was Lenora Davis Cain was a cleaning woman and domestic women and his father was Luther Cain Jr was a barber and janitor. Cain said that his family was poor but they were happy. Herman’s mother taught him about to be successful in his life. His father was very much pleased to see his two son graduate.

Herman Cain as a poker player: Herman Cain was from a poor family and he has reached a very good position in his life. So at every step of his life he has to play poker from different angles. In April 1 of 1986 he was appointed the CEO of Godfathers pizza and told the employers to work according the instruction of him. So he took the decision without any concern of others just like playing poker.

Becoming the president of the bank: From January 1989 to 1991 he was the chairmen of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas and then become the member of the board of direction of the bank. Then he goes to Washington D C and served as the CEO of the Restaurant Association from 1996 to 1999.

Plan 9-9-9: in July 2011 he was a candidate for the presidential election and proposed the plan of optimal tax. This includes 9percent personal income tax, 9 percent business transaction tax and 9 percent federal sales tax. This was praised a lot as well as criticized a lot by some people.

Herman took all the steps like the poker players do. So that It can be said that he is a good poker player.