Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier the famous sporting legend has died at the age of 67. When a person born defiantly he or she has to die one day but some people didn’t die in the heart of the people. Joe Frazier is such a sportsman and a legend in the world Heavyweight Championship that he will not die in the book of sports.

Small life description of Frazier: the real name of Joe Frazier was Joseph William Frazier but he was famous in the name of Smokin’ Joe. He was born on 12 January 1944 in Beaufort, South California in United States. Frazier was a famous boxing player of the year 1965 to the year of 1976. But during the mid 70s Frazier becomes the undisputed heavyweight champion defeating many boxers. In the year of 1971 he also had beaten Muhammad Ali. But just after two years of beating Ali he lost his title defeated by George Foreman. On 7th November of 2011 he has died in Philadelphia in United States.

Before two months of his death he had a surgery for his liver cancer. In his total life he has totally fought for 37 times and wins for 32 times. 27 times Joe Frazier wins by KO and made draw for 1 time and looses four only four times. His famous shot was a powerful left hook and he was accounted for the punch in most of the knockout.


Early life: Joe Frazier was the son of Robin and Dully Frazier and he was the 12th child of them. At the very early age he was bought up in their family farm house then at the age of 12 Joe goes to the farmhouse of a white man and there he stayed for a long three years. From the early age Joe hooked a bag on the tree in front of their house and pounce on it every day. Then at the age of 15 Frazier goes to the California and started to play Boxing and in 1964 he has been selected for the Olympic boxing team. Then Frazier doesn’t have to look back. He becomes the world heavyweight champion and fought and beaten Muhammad Ali at Madison Square Garden on 8th March 1971. The fight is known as the fight of the century.

Retirement and Died: on 1976 Joe Frazier goes to his retirement from the Boxing Carrier but in 1981 he again played a match against Foreman who broke his record of being unbeaten for long 29 matches. In last 7th November of 2011 this famous and legendary sportsman had been passed away at the age of 67.