The Magical Tipster Helps Again

This tool is very useful if you want to play the bookmakers and thanks to The Magical Tipster you can now take advantage of the bookies when they create markets which are either grossly bad to bet in (over-rounds) are brilliant to bet in (under-rounds).

To find out what the market is telling you add the percentage (column %), if the combined figure is greater than 100 then it is over-round and bad for the bettor. If the combined total is less than a 100 then it is under-round and good for the bettor.

For example Man Utd v Chelsea where Man Utd are 3/1 (25% chance of winning), Chelsea 2/1 (33% chance of winning) and the draw 5/2 (29% chance of winning) gives a combined figure of  87%. Therefore if you put £25 on Man Utd, £33 on Chelsea and £29 on the draw would total £87. You would be guaranteed to win £100 what ever happens giving you £13 profit on the game and no risk.

Conversely if the prices were 

Man Utd 6/4 (40%), Chelsea 6/4 (40%) and the draw 2/1 (33%) add them up gives you 113% meaning you would have to put £113 to win £100 which is very bad (£40 on Man Utd, £40 on Chelsea and £33 on the draw = £113)

This table is valuable for any sport or betting event and should always kept handy to make sure you are getting the best value possible when betting. You may have to go to different bookies to gain an advantage . This is called arbitrage. Bookies hate arbitrage betting as it means punters to understanding the market and will play one bookie against another.

In the end if you don’t like bookies and want to increase your chance of getting a return, then marry your analysis with the maths of over-round and under-rounds and this will increase your winning as long as your analysis is right. Remember the bookies have an intelligence services that nearly ‘out-foxed’ 

In return for this magnificent help, check out the link which is going to show a live stream of a darts match.