You Like Westlife And Liam Ridgewell


”You like Westlife…” has finally made it to the houses of suburban Britain. A friend of mine used it to basically say that his friends girlfriend was tasteless while they were at a dinner party. I was not there but this guy has no reason to lie to me and apparently his mates girlfriend would make Pat Butcher (a character that used to be in a BBC TV soap called Eastenders) look like a under-dressed puritan.

OK this is pure tittle tattle but in the scheme of things the wonderful phrase ‘you like Westlife’  has a certain tacky quality about it. The facelessness, the bland almost blancmange like feel to the music they sang clearly meant that although successful they were there to give the audience nothing meaningful and then they would drift away like the snow in spring.

However these guys are made of stern stuff and just when you thought it was safe to come out, Westlife are back! Well not as a band thank god, but as solo artist, game show contestants and TV presenters. They are out to woo the nursing mothers who used to be their teenage fans some time ago. So prepare for some toe curling nail scratching cheesy chats and talk of being ‘real’ in a plastic pop fuelled world. May the saints protect our soul.

Liam Ridgewell

Just when you thought that being tagged a Westlife fan should be enough. Out comes Liam Ridgewell a some what over rated footballer who was photographed wiping his bottom with £20 notes. Clearly Mr Ridgewell is a guy with too much money and time on his hands and should really start to learn to bet on fixed odds betting terminal thereby putting his money to good use (ie the greedy bookmakers as they will then offer punters more free bets).

There is nothing more to say about this photo except that he plays for West Bromwich Albion a premier side with Division 3 tendencies. Yes they are very small and at the moment are punching above their weight. He formerly played for Aston Villa and Birmingham City. So in effect it seems he wants to play his way around all the Midland sides. watch out Wolverhampton Wanderers his sense of humour could be coming your way soon!