The Song Of A Poker Totty

Quick Response for PokerTotty

Which Poker Totty Is This Poem For?

Gotta handle me with caution cos my cards are on fire
If you’re thinking of extortion, better beat my poker style
You think you’re red hot? Well, I’ll tell you what yo’ got
Laugh, little boy, cos I’m gonna wipe your smile.

I’m the teen poker queen, I’m the keenest on the scene
Gonna get you on your knees, make you beg, make you plead
My eyes do the talking and the walking, and I’m stalking
Cos you’re prey, and I’ll play till you say what yo’ mean.

Don’t crack on the black, Jack, that’s not my game
Flash me the cash, ain’t no fashion being lame
I’ll show you my cards, I’m a hotty piece o’ totty
Don’t be shy, super fly, cos I ain’t no plain Jane.

I’m the teen poker queen, do you see what I mean?
Make you sweat cos I’m wet, this game got me keen
Baccarat, Black Jack, that ain’t my scene
Play hard with your cards, cos I’m now your poker queen.

Which Poker Totty was this poem written for? If you have any views then let us know as Jason (who wrote this poem) is not telling. He claims to be a big fan so fair play to him as he feels that it would be a window to his soul if he let everyone know how he feels.