Über Poker Totty Christina Lindley, Update!

Über Poker Totty Christina Lindley

Latest Poker Totty news is that Poker Totty Christina Lindley has some exciting projects coming up and hopefully we will be one of the first to know. Alsom Poker Totty Natalie has being doing a new photo shoot in New York and we will get the pictures of that. As you know Poker Totty Natalie Edge Edwards is your typical Poker Totty so we wish her well.

While we are still focusing on new ventures, our Song For A Poker Totty has created a bit of controversy. OOOOHHHH! Apparently it is more RnB/rap than a traditional form of poetry. That said what makes a ‘traditional poem’?

Some like their poems to rhyme some dont.

Quick Response for PokerTotty

Quick Response for PokerTotty

Does it really matter? Well yes and no. Yes it matters because standards matters. However, it could be no because language is always evolving and evolving for the better. That;s why evolution usually works. Ultimately it is about the survival of the fittest but the nature of survival has changed. 

People earn vast amounts of money by not making things but by dreaming things. There has always been dreamers but they were either poor or amazingly powerful because they became leaders with a mission. There was very little middle rank you either became a court jester or Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Today you can become a well paid functionary. Not very creative but has ability to hold a paint brush. The real talent is being in the right place at the right time. So evolution has created an environment where you can get paid for play acting on a film. You can kick a round bag of wind around a bit of green space and be paid vast amounts of money for doing so. 

There are functionary players earning £5,000 per week and they are not great players. In fact there are players playing park football who are better than them. The player in the park is unlucky not to be earning £5,000+ for kicking a football about. So how poems develop and progress has now become a hot cultural topic. Some love standard grammar to play a bigger part in the development of the English language. Almost standardize the whole language. No longer having the ability to evolve differently.

Then there are some that are saying technology will change the language and it already has. The way we communicate has amplified the language that people use to communicate it is a mixture of English, personalised grammar and emotional intelligence. Now text speak records the real way people communicate. That is what has shocked the language elites. They do not want the way people actually talk and communicate but wish to impose a ‘correct’ way of communicating so as to impose their view on how society runs. It is a very complex social dynamics which is shaping the world we live in today.

It is very interesting to see how the battle of ideas will win. Clearly world revolution has to happen after the banking crisis. You cannot privatise profits and socialise losses. That is not a way to run society. So this revolution has already started and it is being done via technology which captures the true way people communicate. Is this revolution going to be a slow fizz or a big bang? I’m not sure but my hunch is for a big bang. What sort of big bang…that’s where I am lost.