A Ode To The Master Of Strip Poker

A Game Of Strip Poker

The PokerKnave

The name is Jack – it’s Jack Reynard
Now watch your back cos I’ll mark your card
Like a fox in the shadows, I lurk in the woods
And if you ain’t looking, gonna bag all your goods.

Don’t need 3 R’s, for me it’s 3 B’s
It’s birds and booze and betting – that’s me
Don’t got no home, ain’t got no chick
The hotel mom’s can suck my…

Dickens was a man who made money by the book
But I reap from the weak cos I don’t give a…
Funky punks drunk – I wait like a saint
The devil’s in my game when they’re feeling faint.

With my booty in hand, and my hand on her booty
I’ll win your girl, and take all your looty
And life is grand when you got no ties
But don’t get clingy cos I’ll kiss you goodbye.


PokerKnave So Far…

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