What Has Happened To Poker 3.0?

Poker 3.0

Well to be exact that statement should read, ”what has happened to 0nline poker 3.0? It seems that the development of 3D poker would lead to a new world of interacting with opponents from around the world. That a new social network of card hustlers and poker pimps would play against drunk fishes and chatty grandmothers via the internet in a maelstrom of table trash talk would soon be amongst us. But, that dream has never materialised, in fact it has never come close to being a reality. 

Why this has never happened must be down to people being happy with what they have and do not see any reason to move away from bots and poker tracking software which is slowly killing the human element of online poker. 

The idea of a chat roulette type poker was a great idea but I have not heard anyone really getting to grip with the concept and there seems to be no urgency or cash in developing it any further. I must admit I did try it out and quite liked it but non of my immediate friends and acquaintances never really followed suit. I don’t know why and maybe some really clever entrepreneur will have another shot at it to see if it can be made into a mass product.

I think the biggest disappointment I have is clearly there is a market for something new. Video games have shown the way. They have created a world where people interact and are eager to spend time developing a persona online which enhances the game being played. This has not happened in online poker. Why create a persona when some clever geek or nerd will gain all sorts of stats about you and use the machine to decipher your every move so they can strip you of your beer tokens (or money in normal English) away from you? That is not fun it is cash stripping, which ain’t nice. 

Most people like a good sales pitch and hustle, but not mechanised robbery. That is why people hate robo-phone calls and people like me will deliberately give false information just to mess up the information the owners of the robo-caller are after therefore rendering the exercise meaningless. We need more humanisation of online poker, not less.

In the end online poker as it stands will lead to it’s demise. Some people will get fabulously rich, but, those who just love the game will get bored and move on to something that is intelligent but fun. 

So lets get the whizz kids and the psychologist, the tekkies and the marketeers, the artist and artisans to make online poker more interesting and out of the hands of scalpers, wannabe bankers and accountants. Greater feeling of human reaction without the ‘internet warrior’ syndrome taking over the chat box. Online poker need a third age and whoever develop it will make a mint of money.