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Lady Santa Distributing Cocaine

Lady Santa Distributing Cocaine

Christmas for all non-confused-Christian-Pagan individuals is all about having fun and doing stuff like drinking port, snowballs and other drinks you will never drink for a whole year until next Christmas when we all do it again because we forgot the puking we did last Christmas.

It is a great way to spend the festive season even when you have to deal with people who decide to snort cocaine on the off chance they will become cool and edgy. You see getting wasted on beer is no longer enough, you now have to get smashed out of your head by taking coke or some other mind altering substance that is not alcohol. Alcohol is so passé, we now need drugs that say we are ‘on the cutting edge of society;.

This toxic and ugly reality of vanity, stupidity and mass marketing is part of the modern post-industrial age we live in. It is crap and every sector of society is complicit in the fraud of self-medication! Bankers, police, civil society politicians either tolerate or even actively encourage illegal activities because it make soooo much money. Commercialism will liberate the feeble minded from actually thinking about their role in life.

Cocaine turn people into idiotic totally selfish rejects and Christmas give those once in a blue moon hedonist the chance to be a pain in the butt because they validate those constant coke heads justification for their tedious sniffing and nostril wiping. I suppose it is a legacy of Margaret Thatcher ‘Me’ generation allied to suburban low rent rebellion. 

It is not a coincidence that marital break up and domestic abuse is at it;s highest during Christmas because the need to indulge in being part of the ‘In Crowd  is at it’s highest. So do something radical this Christmas give money to the poor and rebel against the adverts extolling you to buy that big turkey. Throw the money changers out of the temple and look at why religious leaders are always after your money.

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