Poker Knave’s Dilemma

Santa Doing The Business With His Helper

What should a Poker Knave do when he has the chance of a very hot date or a very easy game of poker with some terminal poker fish’s? Here is a poem to sum up the dilemma and hopefully an insight into the complex world of a degenerate and reprobate who’s sole aim in life is the 3 B’s – birds, booze and betting but not necessarily in that order.

It’s plain to see I’m on a roll
I’m in the game, but what’s my goal?
The card game’s hot, the girl’s in sight
But both are on a Friday night.

The risk is low, the stakes are high
If I play this game I’ll hit the sky
But now the girl won’t wait no more
If I don’t see her, she’ll hit the door.

Dilemma, dilemma, is it cards or the girl?
If I don’t play the game, it’s the end of the world
But the girl’s been sweet, gotta keep her keen
Cos money can’t buy me a hot prom queen
And now the stakes are really high.

Cos I want both, ain’t easy as pie
The card game’s on, ain’t seeing my dolly
But she’ll be sweet when I show her the lolly.

Alex Day – Stupid Stupid

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