Joys Of Online Poker

Poker Totty Sally

It has not been missed by regular readers that I do like to moan about getting beaten by a fish that I have been angling for on a online poker game. You find a player who regularly goes for inside straights and basically over plays his hand, then the b*stards gets the inside straight not once or twice but regularly. He or she keeps hitting them, which is not a bad thing but he or she is hitting them when you need to win so you can pay the bills. The sucker keeps getting the card he or she needs,

However, sooner or later the odds actually works and he or she loses a hand or two but it is too late some other bugger has won the lion share of the fishes money and the fish disappears for a while. No doubt they are trying to get the money back they have lost by traditional means like working. Just hope they do not apply for a pay day loan or we will not see then again for a long while.

So when I start winning it is  nice to know that the maths are working for me – trust me that is the only time I am happy since it revive my thirst for more online poker.

The joy of online poker starts when you do a move on your opponents and win. You do not know the player but happy days for playing them at the right time. If you sus them out they can go get another ID and start all over again. The bad players then go to another site and tries not to make the same mistakes again. With so many sites out there a bad player can easily disappear and re-invent themselves. In the mean time hopefully another fish can arise 

Lately however I have won significant games and did not need a fish to help out. I went from an extremely rubbish chips but then the World turned on it’s head and I won and won and won some more.  

The joyful sensation was great and I wanted more. Online poker is fantastic when you need to isolate yourself from the crowd  and get into the skin of the political opponent and rub salt into wounds. So thank you online poker for getting me through a terrible rut!

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