Internet Warriors And Poker Monotony


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When playing poker you need to mix up your game so that you’re not monotonous and therefore easily readable. Likewise while on the Internet slowly giving away every aspect of your life for the sole reason of letting bankers and owners of ‘social networking sites’ get an handle on you so that they can sell you stuff more efficiently, just remember to break your monotony so as to throw the marketeers of the scent and mess up their algorithms. We lean towards when in need of entertainment rather than being sucked into the vast hole that are social media gaming and annoying invites to mind-numbing games.

However tempting please do not have a internet mental brain freeze and start talking nonsense or even what you really believe if you do not want to sound like a crazy idiot.

Obviously there are so many crazy idiots out there who believe they have right do do what they want no matter how many people is likely to be killed.  Killed in a cruel way because they will not believe in someone interpretation of life, or, a person will not respond positively to a demand so you threaten that person with all sorts!? There will be no need for  liquorice induce laxative, the mentally unstable individuals have been let loose by Obama getting a second term.

With all this mad stuff going around gave me the clue for JesterKnave – a silly fellow who produces a magazine top 40 of the best and brightness of the pub, the drinks are on JesterKnave, why? Because without crazier people than your self means that your on the same wave length, which is very scary!

 Being comedic arm of the pokerknave story will mean crazy stuff can be placed in it’s environment and people will not be able to know if it is funny or tragic. Bashing people with a fun stick has never been so popular or useful.