The Best Snacks For Home Poker



I was prompted to write this after I had the pleasure to have sushi for snacks at a recent poker game. The lads I was with were a bit perplexed at the idea of raw fish and cold rice but in the spirit of the night they tucked in and pretended to enjoy the food. I say they pretended to enjoy the snack because the look on their face and the sudden rush to use the toilet kind of gave the game away.

The lads are usually given pizza and curry so to get sushi was the height of exotic-ness. The host who is a new addition to our poker circle was definitely out to impress and duly did this with his choice of sushi. Now what should I do if I wanted to impress people when it is my turn to host a home poker night? I think I will go for something like tofu and quorn saying that I am on a health kick and the rest of the players should join me. It wont make me popular but it may put them of their game and give me the edge.

Yes, that is the answer as curry, pizza, chips and crisp are a bit dull so having a vegan version for a poker night would certainly be a talking point. From what I remember at college there were quite a few vegetarian poker players so it wont be that exceptional. Also, there are more people prepared to eat salads than there used to so going with a vegetarian snack/buffet is not so strange after all.

Now that the snow has arrived maybe a nice thick broth or soup could be the order of the day. This will encourage the players to come and also lull the players into thinking homely and soft thoughts, thereby helping me to soothe over their aggressive behaviour. Hmm just a thought. The only problem being is that it can take a while to cook up a nice broth. Anyway, lets try the vegetarian meal and see how that goes.