Pokerknave Player of The Year 2012

Dan Smith

Dan Smith - player of the year 2012

The 2012 Player of the Year goes to Dan Smith according to Global Poker Index (GPI). The GPI Top 100 players can be found by clicking the link.

1. Dan Smith
2. Marvin Rettenmaier
3. Bertrand Grospellier
4. Kyle Julius
5. Andrew Lichtenberger
6. Joseph Cheong
7. Phil Hellmuth
8. Jonathan Duhamel
9. Jason Mercier
10. Stephen O’Dwyer

However, in Bluff magazine Marvin Rettenmaier is the player of the year and in complete reversal, Dan Smith is the second placed player of the year for 2012?

1 Marvin Rettenmaier
2 Dan Smith
3 Greg Merson
4 Phil Ivey
5 Joseph Cheong
6 Phil Hellmuth
7 Jonathan Duhamel
8 Michael Mizrachi
9 Ole Schemion
10 Antonio Esfandiari

How is this so…who knows? Obviously there is some simple explanation and there must be some way of determining the methodology for calculating who is player of the year. Clearly they cannot both be right as the player of the year should be the person who wins the most money and or performs well in tournaments. Since poker is a game of skill and not chance, it is a bit crazy to have two different player of the year.

What makes the whole exercise really silly is some players appear in one list and not in another list, in all this applies to 50% of both list, which makes it absolutely ridiculous. 

But wait there is even more to this never ending saga. Card Player magazine also had a Player of The Year for 2012, and guess what the top player is different. This time it was Gregory Merson who had the honour of being the best player for 2012, relegating Dan Smith and Marvin Rettenmaier into second and third respectively.

2012 Card Player Player Of The Year 

1 Gregory Merson
2 Dan Smith
3 Marvin Rettenmaier
4 Kyle Julius
5 Ole Schemion
6 Joseph Cheong
7 Antonio Esfandiari
8 Phil Hellmuth
9 John Dibella
10 Oliver Speidel

To use a phrase improperly ”….to have two player of the year is unfortunate, to have three is down right carelessness…..”! So how do we get to have a definitive player of the year for 2013 and beyond? Well I am going to write to these sites/magazine and ask for their methodology and see which one makes sense. I will then post my reply as to who is the best player for 2013 in January 2014.

Or, to user a lazy man’s method I will add points to the players in the three list and see who gets the most points. How the points are rewarded will be like this – 10 points for a 1st place, 9 points for a 2nd place, 8 points for 3rd place. This then gives a score in which Dan Smith gets 28 points and Marvin Rettenmaier on 27 points making Dan Smith the true player of the year l’actualité