The Tower Of Song

Click on image to see the free webcast on 27/01/2013

We must thank our friends from ‘up North’ , especially The Magical Tipster for this great new venture live streaming of folk music from The Tower of Song.

Tower Of Song 6th Anniversary Party

Webcast is free on Sunday 27th January 2013 at 9pm

Click on the banner to watch and listen to the gig.

Entry to the club on the night is by appointment only.

The Tower of Song

107 Pershore Road South,
King’s Norton,
B30 3JX

train station Kings Norton.

(0121) 486 1300 

”….From a derelict building, The Tower of Song emerged with the help of many supporters who wanted a venue in which creativity could flourish in a environment of musical endeavours. This project has been going from strength to strength for 6 years and The Tower of Song is now venturing into the realm of webcasting…..”

This pilot webcast will feature Tom Martin, cellist Helena Rosewell, Bill O’Brien, Sam Cornwell and The Heart Beat Honky Tonk.

Robert Johnson