Reince Priebus and Nigel Farage, Related?

Reince Priebus and Nigel Farage

Were these two separated at birth or is there something more sinister? They look he same, smile the same, talk the same and have strange names. Come on we have all heard of the illuminati and the lizard from outer space who really control this planet and eat babies so considering we have never seen these two in the same room as each other clearly has some significance.  

Reince Priebus was re-elected to Chairman of the Republican party after the most ham fisted and clumsy election campaign ever! It had everything from legitimate rape to God wills that a woman is raped, from not caring about 47% of the population to self-deportation of illegal immigrants, from hidden tax returns to imaginary moving of jeep production to China, from pretend food collections for storm victims to an old man shouting at a empty chair live in prime time. If the Democrats was asked to organise the Republicans campaign they could not have done a better job. There is a reason why Reince Priebus was given the job again.

Nigel Farage is also a right winger who has been described as leading  a party (United Kingdom Independence Party or UKIP)  made up of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” by David Cameron. This could apply to the Republican party who have been trying to restrict the votes of minorities by changing the rules, location and time when the ballot boxes are open so people can vote. Only a crazy person would set out to restrict votes in a democracy. To be fair Nigel Farage does not come across as a weirdo but he did manage to survive an aeroplane crash during the 2010 General Election campaign live on TV. If that is not the resilience of the illuminati I dont know what is?

So there you have it from a unbiased liberal that Reince Priebus and Nigel Farage are connected by some force that we should all know about. If you can show any evidence that there is not a connection between the two then I have other evidence to counter-act your evidence.