Fight, Cyprus, Fight!



Cyprus, a lovely island in the Mediterranean Sea famous for Ayia Napa the undoubted rival of Ibiza for party capital of Europe. Home for many who want a sunny end to their retirement and a island where the food is gorgeous. Cyprus is now in the middle of one almighty bust up over the right of European banks and money changers to take money from bank accounts to pay for the bonus lifestyle of bankers.

Of course the people who propose this would never do it to the people of Spain or Ireland as there would be revolution and bankers, civil servants and others would be placed against a wall and shot. However, Cyprus is not that big and who really cares about a country that provides just 2% of the EU gross domestic product?

The Russian oligarchs are circling looking to snap up oil rights at very cheap prices, the leaders of Cyprus are eager not to upset the Germans and the people are scared of not being able to feed their families. So what should the people do? Simple the people should fight, fight and fight again. This banking crisis is getting beyond a joke now and derivative traders who are making bets on the outcome need a lesson of manners and should learn that they are not giving anything to society with their casino  finance industry which determine whether people can live or die.

Enough is enough and whatever price it cost the people must say NO!