The Russians Are Coming!

Boris Berezovsky

Boris Berezovsky


The Russians are all over the news in the UK! They are at the heart of Germany’s beef with Cyprus. The Germans are claiming that the Cypriot banks are nothing more than clearing houses for Russian criminal gangs, therefore the Cypriot government should not get a bail out so that the money stashed by Russian Mafia is not penalised. Angela Merkel has made it clear that the savers of the banks must pay a tax so as to get the bail out money. This would mean that all the Russian savings would be taxed, probably for the first time ever. The only problem is that the ordinary people of Cyprus are becoming collateral damage in this dispute. 

Then there is the case of Boris Berezovsky who has died after a interview in which he berated the Putin government, old allies and his own misfortune. Mr Berezovskywas once a mover and shaker in post-communist Russia, but fell out of favour and seeked sanctuary in the UK. Along with the Alexander Litvinenko ( who he was accused of killing, but, successfully sued that he didn’t), he became a vocal dissenter against the Russian regime under Vladimir Putin. 

Alexander Litvinenko died by nuclear poisoning and now Boris Berezovsky has demised while apparently taking a bath. 

The police in the UK are now doing all sorts of test to see how he died, but even if it is foul play it is hard to see what the UK government can do. If they cannot do anything about Alexander Litvinenko what can they do about Boris Berezovsky?

With all this kicking off all over the place. Some voices in Russia are now saying that the EU and their allies should be penalised with the price of gas and oil being increased to stop the attack on Russian savings and reputation. This is becoming a new Cold War but instead of using soldiers they are using banking, finance and natural resources. 

Bring back Marx, Lenin, Gorbachev and get rid of the oligarchs and bankers.