Margaret Thatcher Death Parties

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

The supporters of Margaret Thatcher have gone into meltdown with their desire to clamp down on any criticism of Margaret Thatcher. At first my reaction was OK she has gone, she had many good qualities and she had many bad qualities, what was the latest score between Rajasthan Royals v Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League?

However, as the week went on I became more and more disturbed at the way the Tories seem to want the nation to not only pay for their mourning but that any criticism should be shouted down. Well no more! Mrs Thatcher was not a saint and she classed ordinary British men and women ‘the enemy within’. To call your own people the enemy because they want the right to a decent wage and the right to a decent life is just plain wrong. 

Mrs Thatcher was great at giving people a piece of her mind about how people should live their lives yet her own children grew up to be international crooks, racist and corrupt incompetents!

Maybe this is what she was aiming for. A society that gave reward to nepotism and corruption as her personal and business life seemed to represent this. Since there was no such thing as society this may explain why her attitude to people who did not have power and influence was so damning.

The cost of the funeral is now becoming an issue. Since everything was for sale why not sell the rights to the funeral. I am absolutely sure that there would be business and individuals willing and able to pay for the funeral. Again  this would resonate with the ConDems idea of austerity. 

Finally, there are complaints about ‘death parties’. I was not a fan on dancing on someone’s grave, however, since it has now become obligatory to worship at the feet of Mrs Thatcher I am now in favour of death parties. I will be buying Ding, Dong The Witch Is Dead, hoping that it gets to number one in the record charts. I may have other things to do when the actual street parties start, but I will be having a drinking game for the funeral in which everytime  I hear ‘she was respected for her convictions’ or phrases similar, I will have a swig of whiskey.

In the end you do not have to know a person to have a view of that person. I am sure people had parties when Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot died. Not wanting to say that Mrs Thatcher was in the same league as those guys but she went out of her way to encourage enemies and she encouraged them so much that even her own party had to get rid of her. So if there are death parties I am sure Mrs Thatcher would not mind one little bit. 

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

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