Save The Bees



Lets get one thing straight. Bees are cool! They just fly around being busy and pollinate flora so that we can enjoy eating fruit and drink beer. Yes my emotions are very base but why not protect something that basically keeps us alive?

Apparently one of our no mark ministers went to the Europe and voted against protecting bees. Environment secretary Owen Paterson is that government twat that thinks it is OK to let our bees die. I really do think our so called representatives are really working for some alien species, some would call them The Illuminate or some other random secret beings, but, I would never sink to that level. I think Environment secretary Owen Paterson is working to line his pockets full of cash by letting pesticides kill our bees.

So in the future when you want to scare young children when they are playing up just say Environment secretary Owen Paterson want to kill and eat them. Really he does, why else would you would you want all the bees that pollinate our major food source dead? If the plants arn’t pollinated then the animals wont have stuff to eat and we will have to eat each other. Very simple really Environment secretary Owen Paterson is a cannibal or the very least a cannibal’s bitch.

So do not let the cannibal Environment secretary Owen Paterson get his way!