David Beckham – Über Metrosexual Icon

David Beckham

David Beckham

On the day that Diane Abbot said men are facing a crisis in what their roles are, Über Metrosexual icon David Beckham retires from football! To say that David Beckham is a major brand would be an understatement. To say that he is surrounded by superstar management would be equivalent to saying that the pope is catholic.

Every guy wish they could live a life like Beckham. Playing football, scoring goals and meeting women in the best surroundings….happy days! Yeah he has to do a lot of charity work but that’s OK, you see new places and meet new people with ideas. Which aint a bad way to spend your life, when all things are considered.

With Beckham timing is everything and he was pitch perfect as he always is when it comes to maximising his potential. The month that Sir Alex Ferguson retires, so does Beckham!  Brilliant. Now all he has to do is take pictures with objects and he is guaranteed an income in serious figures until the next big sporting superstar emerges. Whatever, he will have a nice living and he seems like the guy who does not mess up.

I met David Beckham once when I was working in a art themed wine bar in Chingford called The Alley and David Beckham came and had a look at what was being sold, he didn’t buy anything but he did seem interested. Chingford is the place David Beckham grew up and this was the days before Victoria Adams aka Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice. He was a pleasant guy then as he seems to be now.

What made it really special for David Beckham was his ease with a very successful partner. Very rarely do men come across a person who is perfect at being the dutiful  wife as Victoria Beckham is. Trust me every guy would want a wife like Victoria Beckham – she lets him play football all the time and never complains or moan about the toilet! Well  I maybe pushing the toilet one a little bit, but you know what I mean.

Another reason for David Beckham retiring now is that he cements his position as a winning Über Metrosexual. He doesn’t have to risk making a footballing and marketing mess like The Ferdinand Brothers (Rio and Anton) have done. These two groups of friends and supporters need to get their heads together and sort it out as it is not good for football, especially English football.