Mick McManus Dies

Mick McManus

Mick McManus

Mick McManus – born William George Matthews on 11 January 1920, died 22 May 2013, was a wrestler and sport administrator.

Mick McManus died on the day that Iraq style murder attack happened with two  radicalised Muslim thicko’es decided it would be a great idea to chop off a soldiers head because they want to start a war in London and free the people from Afghanistan and Iraq from the choke of Pax Americana to join the wonderful world of  The Taliban and Al Qeada!

I am fed up of hearing low intelligent taxi drivers going on about 9/11 being an inside job and the planes that flew into the two towers were all an illusion. Basically George W Bush was the ‘brains’ behind this massive lie like he was behind the lie of ‘weapons of mass destruction’. 

With Mick McManus we all knew that the punches did not hurt that much, the kicking in the face of the opponent was not a real kick. Wrestling was entertainment and the baddies such as Mick McManus had a weak spot, his ears.  He screamed like a baby when his ears were pulled. As a child this is highly amusing like catching flies in nets and making silly noises with your armpits. 

The Taliban and Al Qeada have a weakness, and, it is that they don’t like women. Women should be shot for going to school and wanting to become a doctor! Women must inhabit a world in which their views and opinions has half the value of a mans views and opinions. As you can see this is a winning formula and why the world wont accept these principles for a way of living I will never know.

Mick McManus created a cartoon type villain who won enough matches to get people angry but would lose a match that would send the audience into rapture of joy.  The fascistic nutters looking to create a caliphate by blowing up marathon runners and beheading soldiers in the middle of  the street need to re-evaluate the source of their information and the direction they want to go. Do they really want a World in which women cannot go to school, play football, fly a kite and become a nurse or fireperson?

Beheading in Woolwich, UK British Soldier Dead

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