Edward Snowden Off To Iceland

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is a man who has a date with destiny. After letting the whole world know that the most powerful nation the world has ever seen spies on everyone via a thing called  Prism, is on the run from that said country. To be called a traitor by Dick Cheney is equivalent to being called a patriot and a democrat. Dick Cheney would not only want to spy on everyone, he would want to put a bar code on every person born after 1990 and have access to everyone’s stool to see what they ate for dinner.

I had always thought that the Internet was not what it was supposed to be a wild west frontier with no rules. Why would the military industrial complex devise such a concept for our benefit? President Eisenhower was right when he warned the US nation that it was under the spell of a all powerful conspiracy to make us all subjects and not free people. Dick Cheney the most draft dodging coward that ever was is the carnival shill who is forever pushing the agenda for the military industrial complex – a phrase devised by Dwight Eisenhower to name the entity that wants perpetual state of war for profit.

There is nothing wrong in defending democracy but keeping everything that is said, written or videoed electronically is nothing more than obsessive and the Internet is the means to do this and therefore control the entire human population.  Lets support Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and now Edward Snowden in their self sacrifice to shine a light on what governments and their overlords are really up to.

So to help our new overlords here is my way of being on the list of reprobates and degenerates who is wholly or partly against being monitored for the sake of keeping Dick Cheney and his ilk in comfort and riches which they do not deserve or entitled too:

voting, suffrage, revolution, liberation, bomb, terrorism, freedom, democracy, anti-capitalism, green house gasses, environment, vegetarianism, animal rights, atheism, Islam, jihad, riot, Che, Castro, communism, commune, trade union, strike, education, civil rights, human rights, rule of law, natural justice, bill of rights, Magna Carta, Third International, organise workers, equality, sexual freedom, women’s rights, all property is theft, John Locke, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Paine, class war, The Levellers.

There you go NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, MI5, MI6, KGB, BOSS etc here have a field day with my data and good luck Mr Snowden and hopefully Iceland will do the decent thing and give this guy sanctuary.