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Julia Gillard knitting for the UK Royals

Julia Gillard knitting for the UK Royals

It was the weirdest political photograph of the century. An Australian republican minded Prime Minister knitting a pair of wool booties for Kate Middleton and William Windsor i.e Duchess and Duke of Cambridge.

It is bad enough that we in the UK are being coached, mind melted and manipulated into cheering to the rafters that two people had sex and are about to conceive a baby. Yes we all must rejoice at this momentous event. 

OK there is a religious angle to all of this as well as a political angle. So when the media and the establishment gush and wheeze about the radiance and the sheer wonderfulness of a royal baby, they are trying to convert the people into doff tilting sheepple or people acting like compliant sheep waiting happily in line to be slaughtered.

Now with all this going on Julia Gillard was having trouble with Kevin Rudd – who she ousted to become Premier of Australia and the Australian electorate – who were looking for an alternative premier at the next election. So when Julia Gilard did this photo it was clearly an attempt to ingratiate herself with the mindless royal loving sheepple who actually like this type of mush and more crucially would support anyone who demean themselves in this way.

There is nothing wrong in showing respect for another human being, or being  happy because an apparently nice couple are having a baby, but going all gaga and cynically expecting the electorate to buy it, is just crazy. Anyway this gave Kevin Rudd the opportunity to galvanise those who dislike Julia Gillard and the republican wing of the Australian Labor party to do the deed and sack Julia Gillard.

With Kevin Rudd back in charge, her lose of her job may not solely down to the unfortunate picture of Julia Gillard posing with her dog and loads of wool pretending to knit, but it did not help. She may well like knitting and is genuinely knitting a pair of woollen booties, but, this does not tie in with her robust feminist attitude as was seen in the classic video in which she destroyed the Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott. 

Julia Gillard attacks opposition leader Tony Abbott on sexism & misogynism

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