Greyhound Bookies Are Tight

Greyhound Racing Bookies Are Really Bad

Greyhound Racing

Well that was very interesting! I ended up at a birthday party in a greyhound meeting which should have been a fun time, but, all I did was moan at the skinny prices the bookies were giving and my constant picking of dogs to come second. Obviously this constant picking of seconds will ultimately lead to losses. 

As the drink flowed and the weather stayed nice, the bets flowed and flowed and flowed. Non were hitting the target and my frustration grew as it was clear that the tightness of the bookies was not going to change. Why do punters put up with such poor odds, I will never know?

The highlight of the evening was supposed to be a hot shot Trap 6 in the 7th race which was ‘nailed on’ to win. However,  the father of the owner was not there which meant it was not going to win? Confused, well so was I and I duly backed another dog which was supposed to be 5/1 but ended up at 11/4. Trap 5 won and Trap 6 came second. A win but not enough to cover the losses from the previous races.

The lady who’s birthday it was had a nice time and she presented the winner of the race she sponsored for her birthday. I didn’t partake in the fun as I had picked the second in that race as well. 

The evening nearly ended in a fight when one of the party was caught smoking a spliff and twice I was given change for £10 when I had given the bar maid a £20 note. Not good and not a enjoyable evening. If I get invited to another greyhound night I will probably refuse.