William Hill Dancing On A Pinhead

William Hill customer service

William Hill Sucks, 2 Bad!

William Hill are so dancing on a pin they may end up twisting and turning into their own bottom! This maybe one metaphor too many but when they come up with ‘the right person’ and ‘money laundering’ to justify their hatred of giving winnings to punters who win. 

The latest situation is that I took out a resolution claim on the money that I sent to William Hill. I won the case and the money was returned back to my Paypal account. However William Hill do not want to send the winnings to my Paypal account because I might not be me even though they have had 3 documents which clearly identifies the main man ie myself.

Since they have sent the initial money back to the original source (Paypal – which has a pretty strong anti – money launder procedures) they must have felt they had enough info not to assume a winner was not over 18, was a real person and was not involved in money laundering.

If they still want to dance on a pin, then they must have sent money to a person who maybe money laundering and/or the wrong person. Otherwise they did send the money to the right person who is not money laundering. In which case they must send the winnings to the right person as they did the original stake or else they are being on a complete suicide mission to upset winning customers.