William Hill Now Invoke Gibraltar’s Regulator

The Borg is William Hill Customer Service

The Borg is William Hill Customer Service

William Hill customers service is increasingly looking like The Borg collective as portrayed in Star Trek: Voyager. I suppose I am Kathryn Janeway who is in the unfortunate position of having to deal with a uncompromising, relentless automaton who repeat the same message even though they operate a system in which they encourage punters to deposit money but discourage the withdrawal.

The customer service of William Hill has only one role and that is to keep punters money in their coffers for as long as possible. This can mean one of two things. 1) too many punters have been winning or 2) they are beginning to lose customers due to bad service. I lean to them providing deliberate bad service. 

Why would it be in a company’s interest to have bad service? Simple to keep money within the company and therefore liquidity. Some people have to win and with William Hill spending tons on adverts they definitely need cash to spend on expensive adverts. So keeping money on stream is important. They claim that they are following the regulator which is Gibraltar. Does Gibraltar really want to lose business because of depositing methods?

So, William Hill will make it really easy to deposit cash but virtually impossible to take money out! If they did the decent thing and said to customers we will make it extremely difficult for you to deposit money would anybody bet with William Hill? Of course they would not. Hence they have angered yours truly who had the unforgivable temerity of following The Magical Tipster and win. 

Luckily for The Magical Tipster he betted with another organisation and has not have to have the problems that I have had. So in order to slay the behemoth that is William Hill customer services I will have to keep the pressure up and persuade potential customers to stop using William Hill for betting. Yes it will be difficult but do you really want to hand cash to an organisation that will make it extremely difficult for you to withdraw any profits? Exactly leave William Hill alone they will soon suffer and regret being so greedy.

The BORG Collective: Resistance is futile.

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