Losing Your Excellent Poker Image

Japanese Poker Cards

Japanese Poker Cards

Getting a name for being a table fish is not nice! Having all the crazy poker guys chasing you because you’ve somehow developed a name for being soft is the most hurtful thing known to man. At this moment in time I seem to be the player everyone wants to see in a hand. How has it got to this?

One time I was known for being a very tight but aggressive player. Yes I would bluff, but most of the time I got away with it and regularly finished in the money. However, trying to change or even mix up my image has not been a success. It has made me seem simple and a bit of a chancer. This then give normally loose players a reason to call me.

There is a guy we play with who is the epitome of being a fish so when I got trip kings and he raised giving me a perfect opportunity to re-raise, he called and his trip 6 manage to hit the six on the river giving his 4 of a kind! In the past even this fish would have realised that I had trip Kings and would have folded his hand. Now he is happy to call me.

I am trying some Shinshin-tōitsu-dō as a way of getting my mojo back. A friend highly recommends this Japanese yoga thing and I need to recover some poise to stop my haemorrhaging cash at an alarming rate.

 The aim of Shinshin-tōitsu-dō is to realise the potential of the human being practising the art. So ultimately it will make me a better human being and hopefully banish the demons which are plaguing my game. Here are the 6 Qualities:

tai-ryoku (体力) the power of the body physical strength, health and endurance
tan-ryoku (胆力) the power of courage  
handan-ryoku (判断力) the power of decision good judgement
danko-ryoku (断行力) the power of determination willpower for resolute and decisive action
sei-ryoku (精力) the power of vitality energy or life power for endurance and perseverance
nō-ryoku (能力) the power of ability the capacity of wide ranging ability and dexterous action

I really need to sort out handan-ryoku which is the art of good judgement. In poker having good judgement is a must and for some reason my judgement has gone to pot.

Here is the break down of what I need to do, wish me luck!

  • Use the mind in a positive way (fudōshin resulting in “ki no dashikata” i.e. the projection of life energy).
    1. Examine the self.
    2. Analyse suggestions received from your environment.
    3. Examine your attitude towards others.
    4. Discover the present and let the worrying about the future or the past fall away.
    5. Experience the universal mind.
  • Use the mind with full concentration.Use the body naturally.
    1. Concentrate on matters you are familiar with.
    2. Concentrate on matters you wish to accomplish in a hurry.
    3. Concentrate on matters you believe are uninteresting.
    4. Concentrate on matters you believe are of no value.
  • Train the body gradually, systematically and continuously.

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