Casino’s Believe ”Runner, Runner” Will Be A Bummer

Runner Runner - Gemma Arterton, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck

Runner Runner – Gemma Arterton, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck

Well when things are getting boring, you can thank our American friends to give us a laugh at the way they are getting all nervous and coquettish over the concept of online poker.

It is amazing that the nation which has set its self up as the defenders of capitalism is so in a spin over the federal legislation of one of the purest form of capitalism known to man. They claim it is about protecting the gullible and the feeble minded from the financial vampires that infest the world of online poker and its relatives of online sports betting and online casinos. Then along comes Hollywood – that bastion of probity and reserved intuition to create a film which will feature the world of online poker.

So what do the tender darlings of Las Vegas do – they shut the door to ‘Runner Runner’, which will feature Gemma Arterton, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck and will not let them use Las Vegas to promote the film. Do these casino owners really believe that we will take a more sympathetic view of casinos, because they refused to let Hollywood stars walk the red carpet in Las Vegas? Nah, we will still think they are the manipulators of the weakness of men and women with nothing to do but dream of winning a load of money. Amazingly this is what most people think about casino owners, I am surprised they didn’t know this?

Being surprised that online poker is being featured in a film as being a bit dodgy is being dumb. It is like watching Dirty Harry and exclaiming that the film portrays the police in a bad light. Trying to get the great US legislation to legalise online poker will not get any further if casino bosses and investors continue with the spiel that online poker, sports betting and casino do not have any risk. Thats’ why the US government should regulate the activity to a degree in which online safety is vastly improved. It will then become the industry standard around the world and the mug punters like me will be better looked after.

Those who play online poker love online poker! It is easy and can be a nice way to pass the time. There is a downside to online poker but everyone who has a brain realise this. Trying deny that there is a downside or even trying to lessen the downside is nothing more than delusional. Embrace the fact that poker is pure capitalism and get on with making it more safer for the ordinary man and woman who want to have some online fun.

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