There Will Be No War In Syria

Syrian map


Here is a prediction, there will be no war in Syria which will involve British troops! The government does not have the stomach for conflict and the nation could not be bothered to drop bombs on Damascus.

It is not that the country is not bothered by potential weapons of mass destruction being used on unarmed citizens. Or that the people do not care about the growing refugee problem. What the people do not want is a war with Syria and her allies, and, the possibility that we will be on the same side as Al Qaeda and the other Islamic death cults which seem to be running the opposition.

The moment for me was when a guy cut open a dead soldier and decided to eat the dead soldiers heart. An image speak a thousand words and that was enough for me. Keep Assad and his slightly secular dictatorship instead of a bunch of religious nut cases who talk to supreme beings and worship death more than life. 

David Cameron has the taste of war and is looking to have a war just before the election so he can claim to be a war leader and cruise to victory as someone from his class is entitle too. Therefore he will get into bed with Osama Bin Ladens’ heirs and damn the consequences. The Saudi Arabian Wahhabi leaders would love to see a theocracy in Syria to help deal with Iran and ‘the Persian bomb’ as leaked out in the Wikileaks. But, in my humble opinion Saudi Arabia has done enough damage with their petro-dollars and need to start supporting non-religious organisations such as the United Nations etc.

Poor old Ban ki Moon having to deal with all these mad lunatics obsessed with power and religion. He channels John Lennon and Yoko Ono by asking the US vast military industrial complex and the theocratic terrorist to come to their senses and give peace a chance, with not much hope of either having the gumption or the humanity to stop killing people for profit. Why should they stop killing people who are the lower order? I bet if the leaders and their hanger ons were being killed there would be a way of stopping the wars and the religious fantasy.

So there you have it. Assad will remain in power. Iran, Russia and China have seen down USA and her allies and the Islamic death cult will head to Africa to create more mayhem and death until they start to upset mineral and oil production at which point the West and possibly China may get involved to stop it.

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