John Boehner Caught With His Pants Down

John Boehner

John Boehner

John Boehner is a rubbish poker player! Politics is a massive poker game especially democratic politics. When you are not the chip leader ie the man of the moment, do not pick on players with a bluff. Bluffing is what you do when you have nothing to lose or you have so many outs that to call your bluff could be expensive. 

John Boehner decided to bluff with a nutter as his ‘secret weapon’. The secret weapon was non other than Ted Cruz a snobby lawyer from Texas who wants to be president in 2016 even though he was born in Canada.

Ted Cruz wanted to make a name for himself and faked a filibuster to get his image on TV. Harry Reid the wily old fox from Nevada (a major gambling location by the way) let him have his way. Now John Boehner should have clocked that he was being set up, but he didn’t. Ted Cruz made his little performance art about Obamacare and forced the House Republicans to shut down the government. 

John Boehner should not have let this happen but he was to weak to stop it. Then John Boehner threatened to default after saying he would never default…! What do you think Barack Obama was going to do?

After Obama screamed and shouted that he was not going to risk the USA credit rating, and, the Koch Brothers – who finance all the crazy nutters in the Republican Party – said that defaulting was not a great idea, John Boehner has had to back down. 

John Boehner then had to digest the news that the Republican Party is at the lowest figure ever in the history of polling. Obviously Ted Cruz see this as a winning position, but, anyone who has not caught the Obama Deranged Syndrome know full well that the Republican Party is to blame for the shutdown of government and the default situation if it happens…they did a trial run in 2011.

John Boehner said he will not surrender, but is now in the middle of surrendering. All Obama has to do is watch and let the G.O.P wriggle and twist while they slowly and slovenly capitulate. It is similar to a slow fold in poker when everyone on the table know that the cards are being chucked but for the player folding they must put on the dramatic performance to make themselves feel good.

John Boehner never at any point had a chance. First he let Ted Cruz have the stage, then he forgot to have a strategy and then he tried to blame Obama for the shut down! If you think this could never happen just think about Marlin Stutzman famous statement he gave the Washington Examiner

“We’re not going to be disrespected, we have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.”

Brilliant, game over!