2014 The USA Finally Accepts Online Poker

Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson


I am taking over from The Magical Tipster and make a prediction which will not exactly strike fear in the heart of bookies because of my uncanny insight, but it is an assessment of what is blatantly the ‘bleeding obvious’.

Online poker will happen, and, 2014 will see the tipping point or the critical mass needed for the federal government to stop its attack on online poker.

The one thing Sheldon Adelson and his supporters will get right is that it will need regulating and thus produce uniform regulation throughout the world.

Some libertarians will not like the idea of regulated online poker but we the ordinary punters do need regulated online poker just in case we need to pursue unscrupulous organisations in court and the US court system is one of the best.

So welcome to the brave new world of a world wide regulated online poker game in which you can lose your money in a well managed way and will eventually lead to world wide betting which will really suit The Magical Tipster and his ability to get the best bets for making regular profits.

On a side issue who’s idea is it to use Lily Allen and her turgid monotone singing to represent Christmas 2013? Please sack this particular marketing manager who clearly had a sick and troubled up bringing and now want to inflict their trauma on the rest of us.

Lily Allen is OK but only in small doses. Her sense of entitlement can be unbearable and she is not a good singer, although, she has written some decent tunes. She should stick to writing semi-funny tunes and refrain from ‘singing’. PLEAAAASSSSEEEE!

Lily Allen – The Fear
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