Wishes For 2014

Christmas and New Year DJ

Christmas and New Year DJ

It is no point on having a New Year resolution so I am going to have wishes. Wishes are things you want but you will not go mental if you do not get it. This is my definition and I am sticking with it.

1. Wish number one is for there to be peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. Straight away this will not succeed, because of religion. Protestants hate Catholics and Sunnis hate Shia. But we might as well lose early on than wait till later.

2. I want to play in the WSOP 2014! I have tried to win the money to go but always fall short, sometimes a long way short so this time I am going for it and use savings if I have to because I want the experience.

3. I will be a better boyfriend to who ever will have me!

4. I will be a better employee, but don’t tell the crew this as they will take liberties.

5. I will be a better bookie and give prices that I cannot immediately lay off and win. I should take calculated risk every now and then.

6. I will cut down my alcohol intact so I don’t show myself up at the WSOP 2014 by being drunk.

7. I will promote anyone or anything that will sort out hunger, homelessness, clean water and clean energy. Why we as humans think this is difficult just shows how twisted we are when our self interest is being tested.