Online Poker And Weed Are Big News

weed poker chips

Weed Poker Chips

With Colorado and other states in the US federation continuing to legalise marijuana and cannabis (are they the same I am not sure), and, New Jersey being the bulwark which finally breaks the log jam that made online poker a criminal offence, it is time to step back and survey the land that is the matrix of the new reality.

Libertarianism is becoming the norm. However, what libertarianism is still subject to different interpretation. Some see libertarianism as a way of destroying the state functions on such thing as the environment, education and health. Some see libertarianism as a way of getting the state away from things such as sex, drugs and personal life.

Clearly there is a link, but there is also a divide. Some libertarians do not see that global warming has a detrimental effect on others. As was seen with the Clean Air Act 1956 which showed how government could intervene into areas such as the environment and make a big difference to peoples lives. Now it is important that global warming is seen as a major attack on human life. Some libertarians believe that this will infringe on basic human existence and therefore should be repelled with all the might that can be mustered. This is complete bullshit as it is clear that the supporters off this line of thinking are in the pockets of ‘Big Coal’, ‘Big Oil’ and other devious multinational and egotistical robber baron types who do not care about the family in Bangladesh needing shelter or the village in sub-Sahara struggling to find clean water. 

So the only libertarians that are worth the time of day are those who want to keep the personal personal, but want to use the state to do the things which only the state can do like protect the environment, provide decent education and make sure the health of the nation is in good hands. Any other suggestion that this attacks ‘rugged individualism’ is stark raving mad, bad and dangerous. 

So, now that weed and online poker is legal what will happen? Well nothing really except you are more likely to lose while stoned although for the recreational player it will mean that it could be a nice way of ‘chillaxing’. Having a coffee, a spliff and a entry into a gigantic online freeroll would make a nice evening, especially if the music being played enhances the ambiance. However, it would be a nightmare if you really want to make some money as your inhibitions would be loosen too much and you might not read the danger signs which are probably more clearer when you are sober.