Davos Worry About Income Inequality



The meeting of the worlds movers and shakers is taking place to a back drop of a statistic which show that 85 people have more wealth than 3.5 billion people put together – according to Oxfam.

So with this devastating news which should be a rallying call to those who think communism did have some good points, Davos has decided to discuss income inequality and the best way to end it!

It is like drug dealers discussing ways of ending substance abuse, or, a bookmaker discussing ways to give punters better chance of winning. these discussions are very noble but somehow you get the feeling it is a joke perpetrated by the organisers while high on champagne and cocaine.

It is very simple on how to re-distribute wealth – you use the tax system. Back in the days it was a sign of a degenerate bourgeois system which did not want to put exploitive capitalist against the wall and pulling several triggers. Now it seems degenerate to get the super rich to pay a 50% individual tax rate and corporations to pay 23% tax rate! In fact some corporations like to pay zero % tax rates. 

So while Davos have there stand up comedy festival to laugh at the plight of the poor, lets not take what they say seriously since these forums are not open to the public. When someone do not want you to see what is going on, you know that they have an agenda which is not to your liking. Basically they are up to good, and the hangers on will go out into the world and spin the evil doings of these people.

Some out there will be up in arms at my accusations that Davos is a meeting of evil doers. well let us look at it this way. Name a single proposal that came from Davos that has been implemented and has benefited ordinary people and the planet of Earth? Exactly! 

Why does communism have the answer? Well it was not communism per se it was the fear of communism which led to the largest growth of the middle classes…ever!

After World War I and II, the ruling classes were running scared and there was a consensus on education, wages, health and science. Then came Thatcher, Reagan and Khomeini and their belief in voodoo economics (trickle down theory) and that progressive social change was bad (Section 28, apartheid and women wearing the veil).

We are now seeing what happens when superstition supplants reason, when greed supplants social equality and objectivism supplants social progression.